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“We had a little girl called Lulabelle on the 20th of March 🙂 She is just perfect! And although the birth didn’t go exactly to plan I was so, so, SO grateful for everything we learnt with you. I think I would have been a lot more of a panicy mess without it and it really helped me stay focussed. I want to do it all over again really! Hah! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you SO much, I miss our Hypno nights!”

E & T

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

I wanted to let you know that doing Wise hypo with you was one of the best decisions we made this pregnancy. I felt so much more in control. If you list what happened during labour and my various risks factors you could consider it to be pretty traumatic…rushed back to labour ward, ventouse, hemmorage, stitches, sepsis pathway… But the thing is that it didn’t feel traumatic…though definitely dramatic! I felt in control and calm and could see that the professionals around me did too. I also was able to better know what I wanted and ask for it. I felt so well respected because of my clear birth plan, which I could design that way because of the time we took out to work with you. So thank you for making this a great experience.

M & E

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Just emailing to say thank you for teaching us the wonders of hypnobirthing! Harriet  was born at 8.52 on 4.6.15! I can honestly say we would ne have got through the labour without the hypnobirthing techniques you gave us. Neil was amazing and I was able to distance myself and stay calm though a 25 hour latent phase of labour because Harriet was not in a particularly good position and her arm was up by her head which kept her head at an unhelpful angle. Once we got into established labour the techniques of staying calm really came into their own, helping me dilate by 6cm in the time an average woman would do 2cm! So established labour was only 5hours, I didn’t tear and Harriet came out calm and relaxed, as she had stayed throughout the whole labour.

The midwives were really impressed with how Neil and I coped and worked as a team. They said anyone else would have had an induction and/or c section but because we had stayed so positive and calm, and therefore so had Harriet, that they were confident I could do it.
So, in the end we got the natural birth we wanted! So thank you so much!

G & N
The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

We had a beautiful baby girl, 10.58am yesterday morning weighing 8lb 10oz.

It was the best experience, everything we hoped for and more!!

The Midwife’s and medical team were wonderful. No complications, we were first of the day and everything was very gentle and calm. I was so in control of my anxiety that I didn’t even really have any, just excitement!!

We then got to spend the day just the 3 of us, really relaxed and because everything has gone so well I am now home!!

Who would have thought, Home the next day after a cesarean?! We are so happy with everything that happened there isn’t one thing we would change!

Thanks again for all of your input and support we definitely couldn’t have done it without you.

H & D

Confident C-Section Course

ah Vicky is fantastic, she’s super positive and totally puts you at ease. She is so kind, caring and loving….I feel like I’ve made a friend for life! She totally knows her stuff and goes above and beyond to help you any way she can x

I would recommend Vicky to anyone who wants their perfect birth on the day! She will give you the confidence and tools so that you feel positive about your birth. She is there every step of the way with support and help. I will always look back on my birth experience and feel happy…you cannot put a price on that! Vick was like my hippo fairy birth mother!!!! 

C & T

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Vicky was brilliant – very personable, genuinely interested in supporting us even after the sessions had finished and offered great advice and contacts throughout.

The Wise Hippo programme taught myself and my husband far more than we read in books or covered on our NCT course. The relaxation techniques were fantastic during pregnancy and labour but the most useful aspect was the confidence to question the medical professionals and insist on our own preferences where possible. 

C & K

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Vicky prepared us for every scenario labour may throw at us and taught us techniques that we were able to use in a birth that was almost entirely the opposite to our birth plan. Most impressive was that Vicky helped my partner overcome his anxiety and squeamishness which allowed him to be a great support to me through labour. 
We had a really enjoyable 22 hours getting to 7cm using the techniques we had learnt. We had a difficult final two hours and our baby was born poorly and spent a week in special care. What Vicky taught us helped us to feel in control at a stressful time and helped us beyond birth through our time in special care. We would recommend Vicky’s course to all expecting parents especially those nervous about birth. Despite its imperfections the 26th August was the most incredible day of my life. 
J & M
The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Vicky has gone above and beyond for us. She has kept in contact despite our classes being over and even popped over to check how I was doing! She is always happy to help and always answered our questions with informed answers and provided great research for us.

Vicky made us feel so comfortable straight away, I knew I’d made the right decision in doing the course after our first session. I went from wanting a drug fuelled pain free birth to wanting a home birth and feeling confident that I could do it naturally. Hypnobirthing made me feel empowered, calm and confident. Vicky has been so supportive and knows what she is talking about!

Z & M

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Vicky helped us to grow together to plan for the birth of our baby. We would never had had the confidence to consider a home birth or feel relaxed towards the end of pregnancy without her support. Vicky went the extra mile providing support outside of the classes and provided us with reliable reading sources when faced with additional choices. Vicky made us feel relaxed and my initially hesitant partner soon gained great confidence in Vicky and her experiences. We could not thank Vicky enough for helping us with this journey.

There is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained by this course. Our journey changed from the moment we let Vicky into our home and we couldn’t be happier. We were far from our ideal birth experience but the skills learned through Vicky helped us to feel more than ok about that.

We had the confidence to make decisions at the right time for us and our baby and not for the professionals. We were able to adapt without anxiety to what was presenting itself on the day and remain calm. The skills learned will continue to help us through the journey of parenthood as much as it did through pregnancy and birth.

L & J

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Vicky was lovely and set us both at ease straight away in our classes. Even after the classes had finished she was always there for us especially when we went past 40 weeks and I was getting upset and starting to panic. She’s also been amazing since the birth replying to my (constant!) emails with advice and support. She was also brilliant for someone for my husband to talk to straight after the birth.

Vicky is an amazing person full stop and has been so much more than our Wise Hippo instructor. She’s been there for both of us throughout the pregnancy and after our little one arrived with help, support and advice.

R & J

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

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