Every Baby Only Has The One Chance To Be Born

Make It The Best, Calmest Experience You Can

I have worked in the birth world for over 6 years and in that time I have seen mums to be working harder and longer into their pregnancies than ever before.

When I started out as a hypnobirthing teacher most of my clients would be toying with the idea of finishing work around 35-37 weeks pregnant. More recently though I am seeing a trend for mums to be working right up until the week before their due date and some planning to work until the day they go into labour.

In general, we are working harder and harder, whether that be at work, or rushing around to meet the many demands we have on our lives, and thats why I have decided to start to offer pregnancy relaxation classes.

I know when I was pregnant (especially with my second child) I just didn’t ever get that time and space to just stop, to breathe and to meet other mums to be. I was busy at work but when I wasn’t at work I was busy being a mum, I would have loved being able to escape out the house once a week to release any stress and tension and get a bit of me time.

My pregnancy relaxation classes are 75 minutes long and not only give you time to relax and focus on you and your baby but each week we will focus on a different topic related to pregnancy to discuss. Having worked in the birth world for 6 years I have supported many couples through the many different curve balls and worries surrounding pregnancy so will be here to support you as well.

As well as that at each class there will be biscuits and drinks, for us all to catch up and get to know each other. And who doesn’t like biscuits and a hot brew??

Growing a baby is hard work, physically, mentally and emotionally. Come along to my pregnancy relaxation classes and gift yourself that time to just let go of the day to day stuff. I promise you’ll float home after our sessions together.

Classes will be held in different venues throughout Suffolk.

Price for the full 5 week course is £50.

You can join us at any time in the 5 week course, as we will start again after every 5 weeks so you will be here for all topics covered in the classes.

Topics Covered are – 

Week 1 – Relaxation in Pregnancy

Week 2 – Sleep in Pregnancy

Week 3 – Fear in Pregnancy & Birth

Week 4 – Preparing for Birth

Week 5 – Oxytocin for Birth