There are many reasons why this workshop is right for you.

You may have hit your third trimester and starting to think that you need a few tools and techniques to help you stay in control and calm during labour.

Maybe you are too busy working or looking after your other children to attend a weekly course and a 3 hour workshop if exactly what you can fit in.

Perhaps you’ve done the free antenatal classes and you want to learn some hypnobirthing techniques, OR you did an antenatal class elsewhere and it’s freaked you out a little and you want to come and pick my brains.

It may be that your birth partner is beginning to have a little wobble and you both want to make sure you know how to work as a team. Your birth partner needs to have your back when you are in labour, this workshop covers their role on their day and how they can make sure you are supported in the best way possible.

Or maybe you just want to come along to meet some other bumps and parents to be and hope to learn some great information at the time.

If you are looking for some support, some reassurance and a bucket full of practical hints, tips, tools and techniques for labour that you don’t get taught anywhere else then this workshop is for you!

During our 3 hours together I will be ensuring you and your birth partner get the full kit caboodle of knowledge that every pregnant person needs to know.

Here is just a snippet of what we will cover together…..

How your mind and body work together when you are in labour,
What stalls your labour and how to get yourself out of that situation,
All your birth options,
That NO is a complete sentence,
Birth planning,
Pain relief options,
How to breathe,
Making informed decisions,
How to cope if some crappy curve balls get thrown in on the big day.

And much more….

As well as everything we go over in the workshop you will also get –
Relaxation MP3’s to listen to at home
Full course manual (Download)
My continued support via text/email up until and after the baby is born.

Price is for one pregnant person and their birthing/support partner.

All couples also get access to me once the workshop has been delivered, you can email or text me at any time to ask any questions or to reach out for any extra support this also extends to after you have had your baby.

The cost of the workshop is £125 for Private in person or £47 as a group workshop.

Are you ready to take the steps necessary to move forward towards a calm and relaxed pregnancy and birth?

I’m here for you! Contact me and lets chat about how my classes can help you stay calm and remain in control during your pregnancy and birth.