Are you worrying about your upcoming birth, having seen and heard negative birth stories from your friends and in the press?

To discover how you can have a relaxed and stress free birth, scroll down and read below!

You know a birth that you look back on with pride and not sadness is possible, but no idea how to achieve it. 


You’ve got nobody to ask the important questions, to stop you worrying about what could happen.


Your the type of woman who usually has everything under control, yet you are worrying about the unknown of labour. 


Like me you’ve probably scoured Facebook groups and the internet to try and find out as much information as you can, yet still feel unprepared. 


Do you and your birth partner want to work as a team on the day? And no, I don’t mean being a chief hand holder and mopper of brow, but how they can be your advocate on the day and how best to support you and protect your birthing environment. 


You need a safe place to discuss your worries and fears about birth.


You have questions, that need answering. You want inspiration and tools and techniques to help you stay in control of your labour. Not a vague strategy that will never be implemented.


Are you looking for support from someone who is passionate about being there for you every step of the way?

This is what my Inner Calm Birth classes provide. And it delivers.

Where your desire for a positive birth meets my passion to help pregnant couples achieve the right birth on the day. 

No more will you feel confused or worried about what could happen on the day, but you will feel prepared to handle anything birth throws at you. 

My Inner Calm Birth classes are for pregnant couples who want to look back on their birth with pride, knowing that every decision was made by them, that they remained calm and in control no matter what direction their birth took.

How will Inner Calm Birth classes change your pregnancy & labour?

You will learn how your body works when in labour, and what can cause your labour to stall.

You will gain confidence in your ability to birth calmly and confidently, everyone who has completed this course has seen a huge increase in their confidence levels.

You will be happier. Knowing that you are doing everything possible to help you achieve the right birth on the day.

You will be set homework. Realistic and achievable, but pushing you slightly so that when the big day comes you are fully ready to handle everything labour throws in your way.

You will get and use The Wise Hippo’s proven tools and techniques to stay calm and in control of your contractions and labour.

You will join a group of like-minded couples, all of whom have turned their worries into a positive experience.

You will get direct access to The Wise Hippo Facebook group – The Hip Club. Which is full of current and past clients, Wise Hippo teachers and midwives to help support you.

You will also get direct access to me, whenever anything crops up that you need to discuss, whenever you have a wobble, whenever you fancy having tea and biscuits – Just email me and I’ll be there.

You will discover all about the following on this incredible course:

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

I teach The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme which uses hypnosis techniques to keep you calm relaxed and in control during birth. There are many birthing programmes that use hypnosis techniques that are collectively called Hypnobirthing. The Wise Hippo has a unique approach as we do not focus on one specific way of birthing with one specific outcome. We appreciate that every woman has unique needs, wants and concerns about their baby’s birth and we teach with this in mind. This in turn enables each woman to prepare for their baby’s birth in a way that feels right for them and ultimately to achieve the right birth on the day.

I will travel to your home within an hour’s drive of my home in Clare, Suffolk or to a venue that you feel suits you best. If you live further than an hour away please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss, I am sure we can work something out.

Course Costs

Private £350

Group £247

If you have a friend who is also pregnant and is interested in taking the classes with you in a group setting the cost of the course is then £200 per couple. 

Class 1: Confident

You and your Birth Partner will lay a great foundation upon which to grow in confidence.

Bust any negative beliefs you may have about birth.
Get comfortable with what we mean by hypnosis. There are no swinging watches and getting you to cluck like a chicken we promise.
Familiarise yourself with the physiology of birth so you can let go of worrying about how all of that stuff works. We bet you will be fascinated.
Understand how the mind interprets PAIN… so that you can learn how to manage and control it.
Take charge of your thoughts so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your birth, rather than feeling anxious and worried when it is a time for joy and happiness.

Class 2: Calm

Learn how to become an expert in relaxation so that you can feel calm, relaxed and in control in the lead up to and during your baby’s birth.

Discover how to use your breath during labour to enable the birth cocktail of hormones to flow in just the right way.
Learn how to distract your mind away from your body so that you can distance yourself from any pain.
Set up useful anchors to relaxation that you can use any time you want any extra boost of those feel good hormones
Feel confident in the fact that your partner is learning how to use all of these tools and techniques with you, so that they can help you use them on the day.

Class 3: Consider

It’s your birth so take the time to consider what is important to you.

Where do you want to birth?
What do you want your birthing environment to be like?
Who do you want to be with you?
How do you want to get labour started?

These are the kinds of questions you will be exploring, so that you can plan for the birth you want.

Experience a powerful FEAR RELEASE session so that you can look forward to your baby’s birth.

Class 4: Celebrate

Bringing it all together so that you feel ready for birth

The focus is on your Birth Partner so that they fully understand how you want them to support you on the day.
Enjoy Soothing Strokes an incredibly simple form of light massage to stimulate your body’s natural pain relief.
Use your B.R.A.I.N.S. to make sure that you have a structure way to ask questions if required.
Explore the best Birthing Positions to support an easier more comfortable birth.
Learn birth humming to help avoid unnecessary forced pushing for birth.
Walk through your labour and birth from it getting started to holding your baby in your arms and how what you have been learning fits in with that.





Sometimes you just need to be surrounded by people  who are or have been preparing for birth the same way you are.

We have a private Facebook group full of past and previous Wise Hippo parents, Wise Hippo teachers and Midwives ready to help support you any way they can.





At Inner Calm Birth’s birth preparation courses you will be given all the tools and techniques you will need to ensure that you remain calm and in control on the big day. 

You will learn all about how your brain and your body will work when in labour, and how to look forward to labour and how to achieve the right birth on the day. 





When you sign up to Inner Calm Births course you also get all the MP3’s you will need to listen to to help support your practice at home. These MP3’s will help you so much more than you could ever think. 

You will also receive your workbook that includes everything covered in the course so that you can go back anything taught during the course. 





The primary goal of our classes is to help you. I’ve set up a number of ways that you can engage with me directly, whatever you are most comfortable with. We can set up a private Facebook group, direct access via email and also our classes. On top of that we can arrange a meet up to go through anything you need to discuss. 

Take your pick and use what you feel will be most beneficial to you.

Are you ready to take the steps necessary to move forward towards a calm and relaxed pregnancy and birth?

I’m here for you! Contace me and lets chat about how my classes will…bla bla