Every Baby Only Has The One Chance To Be Born

Make It The Best, Calmest Experience You Can

Written by Ross, my husband.

So you and your partner are expecting a baby, the greatest gift in the world. After the initial excitement of the 3 month scan and telling all your friends and family of the happy news your partner turns to you and tells you she wants to attend a ‘hypnobirthing course’ and you’re like, ‘you what?’

I know how you feel, I was that man too. The word ‘hypno’ took me back to my uni days of watching people prance around on stage pretending to be a dog and eating an onion like it was an apple.

But there is a different side to the power of positive thought that can change not only the Mother’s birthing experience but the Father’s too.

How would you like to feel empowered during the labour process of your baby? To not just be a spectator in the process, but to be taught the tools and techniques to play a vital role in the birth. Hypnobirthing classes will teach you as a couple how to approach labour. It is all about being calm and relaxed and being able to make the right decisions in the right frame of mind in order to birth your baby in the way that you want to. By being calm and relaxed as a birthing partner you will be able to take on board information given to you by the medical staff. Process that information and then act on it in the best way for you, your partner and most importantly your baby.

As the direct link between midwives / medical staff and your labouring partner, you need to be focused and relaxed in order to know when to and sometimes more importantly when NOT to talk to her. She will be concentrating on the physical stuff of getting bubba out into the world and she can’t do that if every Tom Dick and Harry wants to ask her a question while she’s doing so.

I was a hypnobirthing sceptic, but having attended the Hypnobirthing classes I am now a convert. Both my children were birthed using hypnobirthing and are the most amazingly relaxed and chilled children and I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that Vix (my wife) remained calm, relaxed and in contril throughout her labour.

As a Dad I was so pleased to have an active role in the birth of my little boy and I’m happy to report not a single dog impression or onion being eaten in the process either.

Go on, give yourself, your partner and your baby the calm and relaxed birth you all deserve.

If you are a dad to be and have more questions contact me below...