Every Baby Only Has The One Chance To Be Born

Make It The Best, Calmest Experience You Can

Ooooh well the first thing you should know about me is that I hate talking about myself, I have put off writing this About me for a loooong time.

People quite often expect me to be a bit of a hippy when I rock up at their houses but I’m just a normal run of the mill mum to two little monkeys and wife to one husband, who happens to be passionate about birth and helping people achieve a birth they can look back on with pride.

I am a bit of a straight talker who wont beat about the bush and pretend that birth will be all butterflies and unicorns prancing around the labour ward. The only thing thats a little bit woo about me is that I do tend to always have a crystal in my bra after a friend once sent me one and told me to ask it to provide something and it did.

I trained as a hypnobirthing teacher back in 2013, not long after my first child was born using hypnobirthing techniques and I had this overwhelming sense of needing to make sure other people know how different it could make your birth.

It wasn’t long after starting to teach hypnobirthing that I realised how many couples had suffered some form of birth trauma during a previous birth and needed some extra help to move past these feelings and emotions so I also trained in birth trauma resolution using hypnosis which has been a great help to many of my hypnobirthing couples.

Other things about me, urmm I enjoy a pint of ale or a nice chilled glass of Marlborough Sauv blanc and have a bit of a soft spot for Danny Dyer!