Thank you to all my wonderful clients.

The time has come for me to realise I can’t help everyone and do it all (not without burning myself out) so I have recently taken some time away from my socials to think about whats best for me, my family and my clients.

As much as I love both my businesses, I feel the time has come for me to move away from Inner Calm Birth and focus on the birth trauma and anxiety side of my work.

I have to admit that while working with clients who are suffering the after effects of a traumatic birth experience it has become harder and harder to teach hypnobirthing classes because I know too much, I’ve heard the birth stories and I am fed up of the state of the maternity system and how birthing people are having to fight for their basic rights and needs to be met.

There are so many amazing gorgeous hypnobirthing teachers out there who can help pregnant people get ready for the biggest day of their lives, but not so many birth trauma peeps ready to hold your hand when you are ready to make the journey back to the person you want to be and right now, thats my biggest passion.

Going forward I will solely be focusing on supporting people get their lives back after a traumatic experience or who are finding anxiety affecting their lives during or after pregnancy.

If you want to continue to follow me on Instagram please feel free to come along over to @Vicky_the_birth_trauma_coach and follow me there.

Please visit to learn more about the services I will be offering.

Much Love