“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement

 Not your greatest fear.”
Jane Weideman

 - Do you sit there watching birth on TV and say to yourself "Crikey Moses, I dont want birth to be like that?!?" 

- Are you the type of woman who usually has everything under control and you're worried about whats going to happen during labour?

- Do you and your birth partner want to work as a team on the big day? And no, I don't mean being a chief hand holder and mopper of brow, but how to actually be your advocate on the day and how best to support you and protect your birthing environment.

- Are you looking for support from someone who is passionate about being there for you every step of the way, being as hands on or as hands off as you need?

- Do you or your birth partner work obscure hours and can't commit to a course with set dates and times?

Then you know what? You've come to the right place.

Drop me an email, call, text, send me a smoke signal - whichever works for you. 

Let's talk about how I can help guide you through the birthing process. 

I've been where you are; I am a fiercely independent woman and when I learnt that I was pregnant I suddenly realised that I had absolutely no idea what this giving birth malarkey was about. I knew how to get the baby in there (deffo the fun bit!) but the thought of it coming out
gave me the heeby jeebies. 

I had seen birth a million times, on Eastenders, Emmerdale and One born every minute. I knew that there had to be another way to
make it a little less dramatic!

After doing my Hypnobirthing classes I'll be honest, I was still a little sceptical about the whole thing but then the big day came, and all the practise I'd put in ensured that when things started I actually realised that I was excited, I was confident and there was absolutely
no fear or worry in me at all. 

The birth of my little man was awesome and something I know both my husband and I look back on with pride. I still love telling people how I arrived at the hospital, walked from the car up to the birthing unit to be told that I obviously wasn't in established labour and that I should probably head back home, after trusting my instincts and requesting an examination I will never forget the look on the midwifes face as she told me I was 9cm and practically ready for the final stages. 

It works ladies; I would never have left my job (a pretty well paid one in the city at that!) if it didn't work. I had been on such a journey from being petrified to confident in my body's ability to give birth that I knew I had to retrain and help other women achieve the birth that
they look back on with pride. 

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